As a part of the introductory activity, the “kick-off meeting and the expert meeting 1” in Maribor (Slovenia), took place between March 1st and March 3rd, 2018. The managerial-coordinating group and the expert group met together. The managerial group and an expert group were combined and they both had the same agendas. Both groups prepared the necessary guidelines to start the project on all levels.

The programme of the kick-off meeting consisted of two phases:

1. The official opening of the project and the official appointment of a project manager and the project team.  Declaration of project schedule was introduced, as well as project
financial schedule, and determination of responsibilities between individual persons;

2. Workshop part, during which all members of the project team have been educated about project management tools. Those need to be used during the implementation of the project and include tools like the communication matrix, risk matrix, project control
tools, reporting etc.

According to Project description and Financial budget, the contracts between Coordinator and Partners were signed.

During the expert meeting, the focus was on the potential methodology and the target groups of the potential mentors and potential participants, who will be educated by mentors.


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