The youngest group – children at the age of eight


November 6, 2018

During the past few days, the Slovenian part of the international European project, called ICE RINKS FOR ALL (IRFA), which successfully applied for the Erasmus + sports program of the European Commission, was launched in Bled.

The Bled part of the activities offered fun and activities on the ice sheet for children at the age of eight. Several simple exercises were combined under the mentorship of ice-hockey and figure skating coaches. Those exercises provided first contacts with the ice for many children, as they learned about ice, ice skating and the joys of the other ice-related sports.

Red faces and bright smiles at the end of the short social gatherings spoke for themselves. Activities will continue in the future.

Text, photo and video: Marko LUKAN


December 12, 2018

Ice Rinks For All activities with the primary school group of kids from Bled were finished today.
As many as seventy kids skated at the Ice rink Bled for 10 hours, participating within the new Erasmus + sports project Ice rinks for all!
It was amazing how much interest school and kids showed! As for their progress during those ten hours – they really moved mountains! Some of those kids were actually unable to skate at first, but they are on their way to be called very good skaters after only several attempts. Such fun, such talent!

Thank you all and see you again next year 🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮

Ice Rinks For All