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Project ICE RINKS FOR ALL is searching for ways and methods to popularize ice sports (ice hockey, figure skating, curling ) as games that are suitable for all generations, genders, and do not depend on the social status.
This will be done through organized and mentored open dates for ice sports under the
surveillance (mentorship). It will also focus on lowering entry costs by subsidizing needed equipment.

Through ICE RINKS FOR ALL project, we will connect the owners of ice rinks, equipment
producers – who will enable the better accessibility  – and people of all generations.
Cooperation with ice sports clubs, organizations and associations will be established. The aim is to include such partners who will promote the project to the expert and enthusiast public through their own communication channels. Due to the popularisation of ice sports, these clubs, organizations, and associations will be directly influenced by the
positive effects of the project. We will put special attention on cooperating with educational institutions. Our wish is to include as many children and youngsters as possible to join the project.

ICE RINKS FOR ALL project is following the guidelines of the European strategic
document “EU Physical Activity Guidelines”, which aims at enabling 60 minutes of healthy
recreation or sports for all children, youngsters, and thereby giving force to the principle “Sport for all.”

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Ice Rinks For All